Green Indonesia history

In 2013 Nina van Toulon introduced the Green Indonesia program on the island of Flores on behalf of Eco Flores Foundation. The original learning materials had been developed for Egypt by Marlou Bessem and Petra Houweling at Happy Green World. With support of many volunteers we adapted the texts and images for the Indonesian situation. Nina developed the concept of School Waste Banks, which was added to the content of the Indonesian learning materials and in a later stage also included in the teacher training curriculum. What followed was a continuous lobby to include environmental education in the primary school curriculum and further develop the School Waste Bank concept, with local governments on Flores, at conferences, in Nagekeo and Lembata and at the ministry of Education in Jakarta. In 2015 we connected to ADUPI, Indonesian Plastic Recycling Association to connect the School Waste Banks to their network. From 2013 Eco Flores acted as distributor of the books and since 2017 the distribution and program execution is under Indonesian Waste Platform.

The Green Indonesia teacher training curriculum was developed with the support of Meghan Larson and Sarah Opheij. In 2014 Sarah conducted 3 pilots with Susilowati Koopman – in Bajawa, Ruteng and Komodo village on Flores.


In 2015 after evaluation of our first print we edited the content with support of Happy Green World and the second print arrived in October, just in time for our yearly Eco Flores Conference and further trainings.

In 2016 we conducted Teacher Training for 32 schools in subdistrict Komodo, West Manggarai, Flores, Indonesia –  for reports and pictures click on Day 1Day 2Day 3 part 1 – Day 3 part 2  – Follow up –  Evaluation with the teachers

As part of the training we schedule role play on the management of a school waste bank, as explained in below pictures.

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In 2017 September we collaborated with the Ministry of Marine & Fisheries and conducted a training for Junior High School teachers in subdistrict Komodo as part of the Ministries campaign Garekan Cinta Laut.

In 2017 November we again collaborated with the Ministry of Marine & Fisheries to introduce the program to Bali teachers

In 2018 March Susilowati Koopman conducted a training for 47 teachers from 24 schools around Maumere and surrounding villages with the support of Jen & Dave Anderson.

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Next training is scheduled for August 2018 in subdistrict Boleng on Flores